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Prescription Policy

 In our continuing effort to make it easier for your pet(s) to receive refills

of medications (and decrease waiting times at pick-up).
We ask that you allow 24-48 hours to complete requests.

 A Licensed Veterinary Technician will review your request. We will call,
text or email when it is ready; or notify you if follow-up with his or her
Veterinarian is needed.
 If your medication is from a local/outside pharmacy please call that
location for all refill requests.
 Please let our receptionist know, if you will need your medication
before 24-48 hours for expedited requests
 Some medications may require a monthly refill review by your pet’s
 Walk-in prescription requests may not be filled immediately, so we
recommend calling ahead.

We thank you for entrusting us with the care of your loved one(s).