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Appointments Available during the COVID 19 outbreak

 In an effort to assist in the care of your loved ones and continue to create the safest environment for both our treatment team and you we would like to update you with the latest information from All Creatures.

We are continuing in the treatment of all urgent medical issues for your pets.

Prescription Policy

 In our continuing effort to make it easier for your pet(s) to receive refills

of medications (and decrease waiting times at pick-up).
We ask that you allow 24-48 hours to complete requests.

Think before you buy that Bunny, Chick or Duckling!

Written by: Dr. Irene Choi


   Every March, after observing endless signs of clover and green in stores we are bombarded by advertising that features cute little bunnies and chicks toting the values and joys of Easter & Spring. Often people are tempted to purchase a small bunny, chick, or duckling for a small child for the Easter Holiday and we would like to provide you with information that will help you decide if a bunny, chick, or duckling is the right pet for your family.